Basic Instructions


1. Run the pump 24 hours a day.

2. Vacuum pool or use Polaris at least once a week. Clean screen on Polaris every it is used.

3. Clean out baskets in skimmer and pump every day (especially in the fall). Turn pump off before removing baskets. If pressure is low on filter, it’s a good indication that baskets are full.

4. Backwash and rinse filter at least once a week or whenever necessary (when the pressure is high). Always turn pump off before turning any valves or handles.

5. Keep chlorine count between 1 and 4 PPM. Check twice a week.

6. Oxy Shock pool every 2 weeks.

7. Adjust pH and alkalinity at least twice a month.

8. Add 1 quart of algaecide once a month.

9. Add a Metal Out, Stain and Scale Remover or a Sequestering Compound at opening or closing of pool or when well water is added to the pool.

10. Clean liner above the water line at least once a month with tile and vinyl cleaner to remove body oils and dirt.