Grecian Style Pools

Grecian style pool from Bonecks

Standard Grecian

Bonecks Showroom Pool

Left Grecian

Left Grecian swimming pool on display at Bonecks Showroom/Facility in Wales WI.

The “Grecian” style pools incorporate diagonal corners vs. a 90 degree rectangle or oval style.  The Grecian is a most popular series and comes in a array of combinations.  Our showroom houses a left Grecian.  We feature cabanna to house pool equipment, lounge chairs and pool toys.  In this situation it also acts as a refreshment center for thirsty guests on a hot day. 

The standard Grecian has the same appearance but is placed at a different angle in conjunction with the setting.

We also feature a Grecian “Sport Pool”.  The sport version has more of a triangular end with a consistent depth throughout.  The photo below shows an example with two sets of stairs on either end for easy entrance and exit.

Grecian sport pool photo

Typical Grecian "sport" swimming pool featuring duel end steps.