Equipment Operation

BACKWASHING YOUR FILTER: When pressure is 5-10 lbs. higher than normal pressure

When pressure is 5 – 10 pounds higher than normal pressure follow these instructions:

  1. Turn heater OFF
  2. Turn pump OFF
  3. Clean basket inside pump and check for hair behind the basket
  4. Turn handle to BACKWASH
  5. Turn pump ON for 1 minute or when flower water in sight glass clears
  6. Turn pump OFF
  7. Turn handle to RINSE
  8. Turn pump ON for 10 seconds
  9. Turn pump OFF
  10. Turn handle to FILTER
  11. Turn pump back ON
  12. Make sure gauge returns to normal operating pressure.


  1. Turn pump OFF
  2. Unscrew top of chlorinator
  3. Fill with tablets
  4. Lub “O”-ring and screw back on
  5. Turn pump ON
  6. Test water and adjust chlorinator valve.


  1. Turn pool pump OFF
  2. Connect Polaris unit to pool
  3. Turn pool pump ON (Make sure water is flowing)
  4. Turn Polaris pump ON
  5. Let run for 3 hours or until pool is clean
  6. Turn Polaris AND pool pump OFF
  7. Disconnect Polaris unit from pool
  8. Turn pool pump back ON
  9. Clean bag and screen on Polaris after each use